Credit Consumer Cooperatives

Posted by marmara on July 22, 2012

Savings and loan association, uniting the money of shareholders, existed before the revolution. Until recently, credit cooperatives are an integral part of the market savings and loan services in Russia. Activities of credit consumer cooperatives of citizens (KPKG) is regulated by the Federal Law on Credit Consumer Cooperatives of Citizens "from 07.08.2001 117-FZ. This document defines a consumer credit Cooperative of Citizens as a voluntary association of individuals for financial assistance to one another: for saving your personal finances and the provision of loans of which only members of the organization on a reciprocal basis. Activities kpkg reduces mainly to attract deposits through personal funds of the cooperative members and provide loans to needy members of the cooperative in the media.

In a credit consumer cooperative citizens of developing a foundation of mutual financial assistance, which is a source of loans. Fund financial mutual is formed at its own expense credit consumer cooperatives of citizens, as well as personal savings of the credit consumer cooperative, transferred under the contract for the use of credit consumer cooperatives of citizens to provide loans to their members. Any shareholder may kpkg get a cash loan for the necessary needs or to purchase various goods and services (cars, furniture, household appliances, to pay for education, treatment, recreation, etc.). Loans are granted for a period of several months up to 3 years. Subsequent loans are issued after the repayment of previous loans. Loans from credit cooperative is much more accessible to their members than bank loans: easy application procedure, there is no strict requirement to documents, faster time of issue of money. "Short money" is quite expensive, and the interest rate in cooperatives may exceed the bank, but none the less demand there. Conditions and procedure for obtaining loans to members Credit consumer cooperatives of citizens are governed by the Charter kpkg.

However, according to the Federal Law on Credit Consumer Cooperatives of Citizens' kpkg no right to issue loans to citizens, not members of the credit consumer cooperative, as well as give out loans to legal entities. The maximum size of loans issued by a member kpkg, and the size of the fund established by the Charter Mutual Financial kpkg or decision of general Meeting of the members. Transfer of funds to credit consumer cooperatives of citizens to its members executed a written loan agreement. kpkg member can be any Russian citizen, if he paid entrance fee kpkg satisfies the requirements of the Charter kpkg and pay a monthly share contribution. The number of the credit consumer cooperative citizens can not be less than fifteen and more than two thousand people. Each member of the cooperative is also the client, owner and manager, investor and borrower. Members of the credit cooperative to decide how to be their co-operative, self-control which services and under what conditions should provide a credit cooperative, elect their leaders, supervise their work and so on. Conditions offered kpkg can be quite attractive, but remember that credit and consumer cooperative is not a banking organization, therefore, the state does not guarantee the safety of deposits kpkg members.

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Independently of the used tool, the controllers must identify the strong points of the management, as well as weak and those that need to be worked, so that future problems can be prevented that impactem negative in the performance of the professionals. 9 – Career – the employee who dresses the shirt of the company and if applies with tenacity to its responsibilities also has in mind who its devotion will bring not only resulted for the organization, but for its career. Whenever possible, the company must keep an opened canal to talk with the employee and to know what it waits in terms of perspectives of professional ascension. From the moment where if a career plan elaborates, for example, the company earns in such a way how much the collaborator because it will search the development of new abilities mannering techniques and that they will open new chances of internal growth. What Health recognizes the significance of this.

10 – X estresse – Ahead of as much requirement in the half organizacional, the presence estresse of it became inevitable. So that its levels do not exceed the acceptable limits and harm, consequentemente, the performance of the employees the companies can appeal the simple action as: promotion of activities that leave the environment of more relaxed work; adoption of labor gymnastics; creation of a space so that the people can take one cafezinho when the mind ‘ ‘ travar’ ‘ ; accomplishment of activities that register commemorative dates with confraternizaes or activities of leisure. The investments in QVT nor always demand raised investments, but they can provide resulted significant for the day the day of the institution. 1.1 Marketing research of human resources With who frequency the organization must carry through research of market in the area of human resources to remain itself brought up to date how much the remuneration platforms, benefits necessities of professional update (and if this if adjusts to the reality)? Next to that categories of professionals? Monthly research must be made that the professionals how much to the work market bring up to date.. Brooke Harlows opinions are not widely known.

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The Organizations

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The refined results make possible the identification of other prominent questions in the work market. These occur in the first contacts that the individuals establish with the organizations in the search of jobs. In this phase, the discrimination process if develops by means of camouflaged mechanisms to prevent the ingression of professionals afro-descendants. When surpassing these barriers, others are produced, but to make it difficult occupational mobility. Read more here: Brooke Harlow. Evidently this research, for its exploratrio character, does not accumulate of stocks all the existing questions in the scope of the ethnic diversity of the organizations, mainly for the small used sample, but the depositions are strong and forceful, demonstrating the existence of the problem in our society that if it reflects, obviously, in our organizations, independently of its origin. Introduction: Professional mobility in the organizations is based on a racionalista vision of the administration, whom it denies interferences of personal nature or aiding for the promotions for positions of bigger level in the organizacional structure or for the wage compensations. Mobility is based on the merit, measured through formal systems of performance evaluation, with the objective of premiar those capable ones in terms of efficiency, abilities and abilities stop with the organizacionais goals. The meritocracia has straits bonds with the division of the social work, determined for the specialization of the force of work in the companies and, from it, it is produced wage differentiation, either for the responsibility of the worker when manipulating raw materials of high cost either for its abilities special when producing definitive type of merchandise. The division of the work, as it affirms Morgan (1996), occurred in gnese of the capitalist system of production and fit the Taylor, through its studies on times and methods, the rationalization of this system to take care of to the accumulation necessities. The system of merit appears with the necessity of the capital to hold back its more competent and productive professionals, preventing that they were attracted by paid higher wages for the competition.

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