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The poetry is a ethics. By ethics I talk about a secret code of behavior, a discipline constructed and realised according to the capacities of a man who rejects the falsifications of the categorical imperative. Jean Cocteau Introduction In worrisome, as every time it is increased in the news the premises, the denunciation of which in many organizations the corruption is pronounced blatantly, the loss of values, the violation to the ethics code that some organizations, companies, institutions have created. Such news, entail to enter us in important, the excellent thing, of the reach of the ethics, more, in the Venezuelan reality that has given much that to speak of it. General, antecedent considerations, repercussions As antecedent it is had, that the ethics in the Work as much had its origin in religious values as secular during the Protestant Reformation, the calvinistas, and later the puritanos of the United States, endorsed with great firmness the work ethics. Due to his religious origins it has been called to him ethical protestant, although also maintains people to it who belong to deferential religious creeds. The religious point of view of the ethics of the work it is that one is an act on watch to God. And to the fellow, because it helps to create a better society and contributes to fulfill the plan of God.

The Creator has granted diverse talents and the prevention of waste constitutes obligations morals. The studies realised in several organizations confirm that the employees who own this ethics of work usually feel a moral obligation with respect to ethics, more than like a rational election or industralist. The secular origins of the ethics of the work must perhaps to the great needs which the first Settlers faced. The people had to work hard to survive, due to which they found reasons to hire the work.

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