Brazilian Children

Posted by marmara on November 26, 2012

The familiar orientation is the base to help the adolescents in its transformations, the support and the dialogue is basic for a healthful relation between parents and children, many times to face the adolescents are a complicated task, it is pleasant you doubt to only join them the adolescent and to try to decide in set. The family is the center for the recovery of chemical dependents, generally a chemical dependent denies the problem it does not recognize the difficulties provoked for the compulsory use of substantiates chemistries and insists that she can stop when wanting, the familiar ones need to use common-sense for being a risk situation are necessary to search aid and the treatment forms. The chemical dependent does not advance to move if the family not to move, is necessary a construction of a solid atmosphere in the family healthiest to deal with the situation. Best weapon against the abuse of narcotics is the prevention, the best way to fight and to diminish these activities carried through for the adolescents is through the orientaes, the parents is responsible for its children and all the moment the modifications of behaviors must be intent, the familiar accompaniment must be carried through with caution. The decision to have children is analyzed by the couple and currently the couples are several that make a preparation and one analyzes before this decision, therefore observe that independent of the sex both are displayed the situations external are of the world domesticate are responsibility of the parents to take care of of the children since its birth.

2.3 The Drugs and the School. The school is the place that the young ones more associate with the consumption of drugs, according to a research divulged for UNESCO in 2001. About 40% of the pupils heard in 340 schools you publish and particular of 14 Brazilian capitals they had said to have seen use of drugs in the neighborhoods of the school, and 30% had witnessed a colleague using drugs in the dependences of the institution.

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Rio Grande

Posted by marmara on November 19, 2012

The Rio Grande Do Sul possesss a historical reputation in the productivity of rice irrigated in the national scope, being responsible for great part of the cereal produced in the country. It is thinking about the continuity of this reputation that this project of research will be elaborated. We are living the age where agriculture does not admit more errors. Mainly in the periods of training of control of invading plants in virtue of the current problems of resistance of some of these harmful ones, such as the red rice, main focus of this work. In this project the main reasons that had taken the infestation of this invader in the farmings gauchos, as well as its main characteristics will be searched. The main events will be cited that had taken the red rice to become resistant the herbicidas of production the Clearfield system. As well as the viable alternatives of handling will be analyzed in order to get the control of this invader that comes to threaten the respectful tradition of production of grains that has as many years enobree the region.

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Maintenance Fleet Operator

Posted by marmara on November 13, 2012

Planning and car repairs account is based on the schedule of maintenance and repair. Schedule maintenance and repair of cars made in duplicate as a mechanic garage. One copy shall be posted in the office mechanics, the second – in the area of TO and TS. Filling the charts in the area of TO and TS is performed by masters of car repairs. Completed charts are signed by the head motor plant, and transferred to the accounts. Control of compliance schedule of TO and TS by the chief motor shop. In the area of TD on special stands posted lists of transactions for each table TO and lubrication of all brands of machines operated checkpoints that provides workers to perform what self-control for full implementation of the list of operations THAT.

Zone TO and TS, as well as manufacturing sites are provided technological cards MOT, manuals and instructions technical operation of machinery and other technical literature. During run time, or after the manufacturing operations of TO and TS quality controlled by the performers (maintenance workers) by control devices, instruments, test stands. Head of the department carries out periodic motor control in order to check: the quality of work performance in TO and TS, technology and compliance state of the auxiliary equipment. Accounting for costs of maintenance and repair of machinery and equipment is based on the following documents: the monthly chart the frequency of TO and TS machines and schedule maintenance and repair ROB, card maintenance and repair of motor vehicles; card consumption of spare parts and materials. Schedule the frequency of maintenance and repair of cars filled with master servicing vehicles under the supervision of a mechanic. In the graphs of the executive schedule necessarily marked time between vehicle types TO and TS with an indication of idle time on each machine. The completed schedule signed by the head motor plant and transferred to the accounting company.

Decorated graph is the source document for calculating bonuses and allowances for maintenance workers compliance regimes TO, reducing downtime in the TR and TR, increasing the ratio of technical readiness and life extension of the rolling stock. Card MOT and car repairs is the primary document for the accounting of costs of labor and time for TO and repair. It is issued in place of TO and TS mechanic, signed by the foreman, a motor shop and sent to the accounting company. Card flow of spare parts and supplies is a major primary document for recording expenditures and debt parts and materials from reporting entities. Card is in a mechanic with a storekeeper together on each machine and shall be signed by the chief motor shop. Write-off of spare parts for impersonal group of machines – is prohibited. Obtained for materials and spare parts in the card signed by the driver or mechanic, control (service) vehicle. Monthly paperwork delivered to the company accountant. Personal account of the machine is the resultant records, in which monthly records all data source documents to record use, and repair machines. He is an accountant and is the main point of reference for the analysis of the organization, then, repair of vehicles.

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