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The carpets of the new lines ‘The Playful’ by Arte Espina bring vitality into the House and spread good mood for parents and children. (tdx) Carpets treat not only the soles of the feet, but are also true design objects. Whether uni, with stripe pattern or 3D textile floors give each room a distinctive look. So spread about the new the playful “carpets of Espina Arte much happiness in the nursery.” The wholesomeness of carpets provides twice the mood for parents and children. There was once upon a time”is the motto for kids in 2010.

Because Arte Espina illustrated in his the playful “line four famous fairy tale in unique, creative ways. Aladdin, Sinbad, frog King or snow white at the games can immerse children into the world of fairy tale heroes. The new, animal kids make a colorful dance of colours and structures. The offspring to meet colorful fish, dancing seahorses or an African giraffe. That the absolute carpets safe for the health of the children are guaranteed the TuV/TFI. Go to Center for Responsible Business for more information. Due to their small size, kids are not always easy to find in the shops. “Here creates Arte Espina now remedy with a bright, friendly display designed in child-friendly size sufficient storage space for the diversity of the playful,” offers. This collection in small spaces can be presented the kids. Tanja EST

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