Aldous Huxley Philosophy

Posted by marmara on August 18, 2023

It is the experience of the whole, allowing us to recognize as belonging to the universe, the universal basis of human beings. Spirituality is the unfolding of universal values arising from the awakening of conscience to the misunderstanding that we are isolated egos, through spirituality awaken to our true nature unconditional. There is a new paradigm based on the perennial philosophy, holistic education that goes beyond the old paradigms taking human beings as the center and east to be aware of its reality is concerned not just for him, but also the universe where you live. This paradigm provides education holistic view of reality a dynamic, complex, open and human sensibility that goes beyond the fragmented and mechanics of the eighteenth century. Contact information is here: Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. The perennial philosophy suggests that happiness is the extent that we recognize as being universal interdependence with all, so we find that human beings were more fully developed universal beings who embraced all beings without distinction. Here we teach the fundamental statement of "You're it." There is no duality between the individual and the universal, which is to overcome the problem of individualism, separatism.

It shows the broad outlines of life because of it come the answers to various questions we ask throughout our lives. This philosophy helps us to recover the value of realizing that our planet is a living organism and not a machine, as indicated by the mechanistic paradigm. It is the heart of holistic education that defines its meaning and mission. Aldous Huxley was one of the pioneers of this philosophy where refers to the spiritual wisdom that has been present throughout the entire humanity and is the very essence shared by non-dogmatic religion.

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