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Posted by marmara on August 1, 2023

Small parts such as clips and washers are more important than you think. In the automotive industry, as well as in the electrotechnical area it is the suitable fittings and connections. These parts are so small, they it can’t do without. understood the implications. Often, they meet two requirements by separating different components on the one hand and on the other hand fix. Depending on the elements to be fastened different components used in the Assembly. To this end, there is, for example, spacer, screws, loosen the expanding rivets and washers.

These are often made of high quality plastic which ensures a sufficient stability and durability. Please visit Neeman Foundation if you seek more information. Depending on the load and special application fittings and connections in other materials are available or in multiple color variations. For the plastic elements, standard polyamide is used either a polyamide, the specially designed UV or heat stabilized was. The screws or rivets are usually in black, white, Brown and natural order but there are also Elements in silver color. Loosen the expanding rivets are so popular because they can be easily assembled and disassembled again. Also let you easily reuse and reduce thus at the same time the installation time and costs.

In the form of spacers, which are also often made from plastic obtained more mounting options. According to the production and composition of components, the different alternatives can partly also be combined. There is, for example, loosen the expanding rivets, which can be screwed, attached, or glued. Who is looking after the match fixing, will find it at the company Richco. Here, to get a good advice if problems or questions should arise. Swarmed by offers, Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala is currently assessing future choices. The Service Center informs about possible fasteners or connectors and also offers, to produce individual solutions. The assortment of Richco shows the versatility and the broad expertise of the experts. In addition to the standoffs and fixings are also cable holder, cable ties, cable glands, Strain reliefs, etc. available. The site represents the individual elements with 3D data and detailed drawings. Whether you will find it in the standard products or requires a specific solution, the pros from Richco are always happy to help. Andreas Mettler

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