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Posted by marmara on April 26, 2017

Antonio Burgueo like the impeller of the Alzira Model. In, Web site of the Alzira Model, managed by Alberto de Rosa, nothing don’t mention it. We either did not find any reference to the Dr. Joaquin Farns nor to their equipment. Credit: Jo Mackness -2011. I come then to introduce the search of four terms Doctor Farns Alzira Model in Google and east encounter article of D. Alberto de Rosa published in the Provinces of Valencia in 2009 and titled Ten years of the Alzira Model in him can be read these lines: and between all the worthy people of mention and gratefulness, I want to emphasize to somebody in that I incarnate the force and the push necessary to take this illusion ahead: the Conseller de Sanitat of then, doctor Joaquin Farns. Today it is an important day so that all we remember to him.

It is the unique recognition to a possible paternity of the Dr. Joaquin Farns on the Alzira Model that we found in Of Pink on the person who devised her main project and she appointed director him of the Hospital of Alzira. Finally to mention an article of this year written by the own Dr. Farns in which we can find the origin ideological of the exposition of the public-private co-financing: To the appointed being Conseller de Sanitat of the Valencian Community in the government of Eduardo Zaplana in 1996, I asked to him and it allowed me to introduce new criteria in the Valencian sanitary management, that in agreement with the general law of 1986 health, must be universal and gratuitous. Like profession doctor, it had created a sanitary private company before. The Center of Marine Termalismo and functional recovery in Benicassim.

This pioneering center in the Spanish rehabilitation is even born before the hospital of La Paz of Madrid and the Hospital of Vall de Hebrn in Barcelona, and him daily were dealed with 300 patient tributary interns rehabilitation and about 500 external ones. I could, then, know well the management a sanitary institution with company criterion. Sirva this small study to put my sand granite in trying to restitute the figure of the Dr. Joaquin Farns and their equipment like true creators and promoters of one of the projects more successful than has given the Valencian Community in sanitary matter to date. Carlos Perez Villa, person in charge of marketing in line of the talasoterapia spa Marine Spas the Palasiet de Benicassim

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