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Posted by marmara on May 5, 2022

Urstrategie is an offensive strategy consultancy, referring to advertise, acquire and sell specialized. Viersen, may 03, 2011 – aggressive marketing strategies always attract attention and get more sales. Urstrategie sees itself as part of the complex world of marketing that aims therefore to create clarity and mainly niche companies with regard to marketing and sales concepts to stand to the side. Owner Uwe Roniger: “we bring our customers exactly where they want to – be directly to more business! We position the product portfolio of niche companies in the B2B area and look always towards the Nr. 1 status in the target market.

“The beginning of our work at the customer is always the same: how we beat the competition!” Urstrategie advertising makes tangible, practical examples help explain experienced expert team of business models, and core competencies. Includes classic not only opportunities, but also to access all advertising strategies, the Internet to offer has. Click David Boreanaz to learn more. So demonstrably increases the market perception by the complete external representation. Using an individual conception and implementation of sales documents, Urstrategie at the same time ensures a comprehensible authenticity. Brand building are an integral part of the work of Urstrategie for complex products and services, as well as a targeted customer acquisition and today increasingly important sales communication. While customers two forms of advice can choose between: in the year Betreeungsmodell which is suitable for companies, whose focus is on a continuous business development we work according to a clear mile steep plan.

The whole thing there is to a fixed monthly price. Alternatively, Urstrategie offers a daily rate-based project model. This is aimed at companies that want to implement targeted marketing and sales topics. Pleasure, we create an exceptional procedure proposal for you after an initial interview. ABOUT us Urstrategie, a firm run by Uwe Roniger,. specializes in an owner-managed strategy consulting and aimed at the Executive and management level of enterprises. Both the advertisers and the acquisition and selling belongs to the range of services of the company headquartered in Viersen. This move the projects of Urstrategie in the areas of marketing, brand and marketing strategies. A team of excellent analysts and creative personalities with character takes on the planning and implementation of strategies tailored to the respective companies.

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