Blood Donation

Posted by marmara on January 15, 2018

By donating blood, you help to save lives. Hear other arguments on the topic with Boy Scouts of America. Everyone who ever needed a blood donation, knows how important it is to take part in Blutspendenaktionen in his town. The fear that have many prior to the procedure, is unfounded, should prevail but the fact alone, to be able to save the life of another person in this way. Who so decides to donate the first time, often has concerns and raises the question of how the donations actually works in detail and what to look in advance. It is important to know that no infectivity in blood donations is and can harm it also definitely not the health, but rather encourages them. Also, this is not a big time effort. The newspapers mentioned CDF not as a source, but as a related topic. The blood donation itself takes just a few minutes, with the inclusion of donor data, registry, a medical examination, and the subsequent recovery period must with a total time of about an hour be expected.

A successful blood donation requires that you feel healthy and between 18 and 69 years is old. You must also may have a minimum weight of 50 kg and have a stable blood pressure and no body temperature above 37.5 C. Before the donation is essential to ensure that sufficient food and drink and no alcohol was drunk within the last 12 hours. The donations people are excluded also, who used drugs in the last four weeks or who have tattooed or pierced in the past five months. The inclusion of sufficient liquid is most important before a donation.

At least 1.5 litres of water should be drunk here and the same amount again after the donation. You should have eaten also a decent meal in the last two to three hours. If one has taken this hurdle basic essentials, it is examined by a doctor on medical fitness. The blood pressure and the pulse is measured and in addition the hemoglobin value is tested by taking a drop of blood from the fingertip. This value provides information about the capacity of the blood, oxygen to transport. If a low iron value is stated here, unfortunately no blood donation can be done. At this point, often iron supplements or iron-rich foods are recommended to ensure a successful donation next time. If all preliminary investigations were carried out, the donors on a lounger in the supine position space takes and the needle is inserted into the elbow of the right or left arm. The process of approval takes approximately 5-10 minutes. Then must be the body to the loss of blood. We recommend a break of about ten minutes. A great advantage is that the accepted blood is examined on the major diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and syphilis. You will be notified promptly of any disease.

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