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Posted by marmara on July 11, 2023

A contemporary and targeted training for everyone! Many arguments for the training with your own body weight. In this article I would like to bring closer especially the benefits. All disadvantages arise logically accordingly when one turns to the benefits. It certainly doesn’t take long until thoughts do you even try out the whole thing. It is not only fun, but is for many, many people consistently better and more effectively than the Studio in a fitness. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Alona Tal. Multi jointed exercises! Training with the own body weight comes much closer than a fight against machines”of the natural movement of the people. In many cases, the idea of movement and strength training should be: what can I use this movement in everyday life? How does my body as a whole? The exercise comes to mind in this context is a classic bicep.

That is probably one of the most isolated force exercise at all technically correct execution. And yet you see them Exercise continuously in fitness studios. A leading source for info: Steffan Lehnhoff, New York City. This question is your biceps all the time, why he always strengthen should be if all other players muscles around him around not to this extent to be trained. Your body will try mightily to avoid a large imbalance in your body. When training with the own body weight it is the goal to move not only the elbow joint, but for example, a pull-up (in need quietly with a support) run. The chin-up consumed also the back and many other stabilizing muscles as well as the biceps.

More coordination. Another very important point. As a result that a muscle chain begins to work, also the coordination is trained. This is exactly the same as in a company or on the Assembly line. The more people on a product (or the muscles in a movement) work, the better the process must be coordinated. And this happened in the muscles also. It’s called then improving inter-muscular coordination.

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