Brazilian People

Posted by marmara on June 21, 2017

The Brazilian people is devoid, sofredor, aptico, however humble of heart and of goodness, more people exist who make of everything to enrich, using even though the word of God. PCRM will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Today to each esquina you enxerga a church, being able to be catholic, evanglica, umbanda, Muslim, amongst others. It does not import the religion, currently we saw that the churches compete one with the others to have the biggest number faithful possible, to observe an only detail? I DECIMATE. This makes with that the churches grow drastically, fortifying its empire and expanding for Brazil and the World. The founders of each church have the power to lead, to manipulate, to direct, to introduce what to want, the patenteamento of them make with that everything what enters in the churches pass for the hands of the owners. Today the church catholic is a huge empire, possesss enormous wealth, gorgeous and luxurious churches.

The evanglica church as the universal one also possesss a gigantic empire fruit of the faithful donations that think about giving to have everything in double. They exist other churches that grow constantly with the god assembly, God is love, tabernculo of the miracles, quadrangular, adventista, amongst that they are a luxury and they spread that the man must donate everything what has to enter in the paradise next to the Father. God nails the humildade, the charity, the love, the allotment, the gentility, the affection, the pardon! To donate is part of this, however we must donate what we can and not for obligation. Jesus nailed the humildade and said ' ' nor of bread homem&#039 lives; ' because the churches must be dealt with glamour and wealth? Today you enter in a church and see the size of the luxury as imported carpets, conditional soft super banks, air, picture and gorgeous sculptures, etc. You exist for you bring of the conjunct much greed for the power in having, the money and the envy.

This makes with that the churches become powerful companies, growing in diverse patrimonies as emitting of TV? s, sites, products, etc. To believe God are wonderful, must love the God on all the things according to its order, however never we must in to purge in mirabolantes things and to make doideras. God wants that let us love it and to the next one, and is enough to give to its love and not money. God did not create the money and yes the love, the allotment, the respect, the charisma one, the wisdom, the dignity, intelligence and others dons to make the good. The church of God is simply God and not it man! It thinks about this brother.

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