Cedric Schwarz EPM

Posted by marmara on July 16, 2023

Introduction of enterprise project management (EPM) often applies to support three execution levels through a system: those who work in the projects on the various operations. Project managers, who control the projects, monitor, and evaluate and the management, which needs an overview of the entire aggregate portfolio of project or program in real time. Some standard systems from well known software vendors (Microsoft, Oracle, HP, etc.) have these skills with similar implementation each with individual strengths and weaknesses. The selection and implementation of such a system is itself a project and binds time, human and financial resources. A leading source for info: CBC, Australia. Times with quiet orders are a good time for an EPM implementation. Internal resources are free to discuss the major processes with the EPM introduction-owned workshops and can be trained in targeted training on the work on the new system. Well-trained employees work not only faster and more efficiently with the “Software, it rises above all the acceptance and thus the data quality”, as Cedric Schwarz, Managing Director of Grobman & Schwarz GmbH. the companies are discovering the benefits for themselves and rely on our expertise. The choice of the right partner is essential for an EPM implementation.

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