Coca Cola

Posted by marmara on November 10, 2013

Well, we certainly seem to be unobtrusively us all the time offering ‘useful’ fun. For example, ‘Coca Cola’ – is not fun? What more do you want? Drink it and rejoice. And gives us a ‘goal’ in life that if you attain it, you will become more prosperous, according to generally accepted standards. And we forget our childhood dreams, and begin to run after a bank account with lots of zeros, or a new car, or want to become a big egghead. Who you like more of the proposed surrogates. And all would be well continued, and we were running from one surrogate to another, but life evolves by its own laws, and we have all the harder to find the proposed ‘purpose’ something worthwhile, which would be worth trying.

Because costs us to reach any goal so soon, and we understand that pleasure in it for five minutes. And children’s dreams of an absolute thrill, no, no, yes and burst through our daily routine. And lifts her head addiction – the bane of modern society – because it offers a simple pleasure, without the fictional goal. After all, there is none. Will let down and be happy. Escape from reality in which people can not find the desired content.

And then someone else might want get it all at once. As in the children’s dreams. And, after passing through the prism of social ‘values’, comes just before the anecdotal cases. Such as ceo of a bankrupt bank ‘Lehman Brothers’ insisted that he had paid already after bankruptcy, 600 million dollars bonuses. Why? After all, he also worked. It should be. Or financial crisis, which stems from the fact that very limited circle of people “tearing the roof off ‘, and they began to’ rake ‘everything with nothing regardless, even with its own tomorrow. And we have to spend trillions to maintain a semblance of order. Otherwise, all the ‘values’ will collapse along with the society which produced them. After all, it has already become fully integrated. And although the collapse be part of it will entail a complete system crash. And given the legitimate question: how to find a formula for ‘eternal buzz’? After all, on the one hand we do not let childhood dream of absolute pleasure. On the other hand we squeezes the grip of an integrated society that simply can no longer afford to uncontrolled consumption. So maybe the answer is that we’ve grown and are still trying to fill our pleasure in their children’s manifestations. So just grab and pull into the mouth. After all, if we have modified our initial ‘baby’ desires, quite a bit, and would enjoy that stuff take care of everyone, as their children, would immediately about each of us cared to all mankind. And each would receive according to his needs and give according to their abilities. And on one side of each concerned the whole world, on the other – everyone would have been infinite space of focus and purpose, and would disappear all the crises and far-fetched goal, because they simply would not have seats in the new worldview. And everyone could finally fulfill his childhood dream – to live life to the absolute pleasure. Valentin Lerner source – online newspaper


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