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Posted by marmara on July 5, 2023

Many times there are locks that separate us from our economic progress, the first that nothing must know to then release them, known here as. For more information see Professor of Internet Governance. Beliefs: From children we have heard several concepts regarding money, all these concepts based on repetition have remained in our consciousness in the form of phrases and are there driving us in an unconscious way. Phrases as there is not enough money the money goes like water, or the rich do not enter the Kingdom of heaven etc they are planted in our unconscious and in many cases we handle. We will then acquiring other beliefs by the social environment in which we develop for example. Continue to learn more with: Ronald Hamilton. There are economic crisis, only the people are very prepared and with professional qualifications can earn much money, there are many insecurity, yes you have money you assail, etc. Negative thoughts: All these beliefs to base constantly hear them implanted in our thinking and they become repetitive ideas already aware and then are part of our thinking regarding money scheme and become the so-called negative thoughts which lead to negative feelings to the money. Negative actions: The basis of our behavior are the thoughts and especially the feelings that we did something, when these are negative, the result will be that we will have negative actions with respect to things, people or circumstances that lead them to us. In the case of the money we do have thoughts, feelings and negative behaviour towards him, our result is that we move away, the same applies to health and good relations.

The solution: To get out of all this, first thing is to make aware that limiting thoughts are having about that we want to have, then tackle a clean mental and emotional process for then practice a technique for reprogramming of impellers thoughts did that we want to have in our life. Here I give you all a process professional to really leave the bad results and go towards your economic progress, you can do just need a professional guide. By DRA. Eloisa Chavarria Dr. Eloisa Chavarria is Gestalt psychotherapist and teacher of Kundalini Yoga and has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and professionals to improve their professional and economic results.

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