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Posted by marmara on April 6, 2022

The decision to assess the study of social representations as analytical category in the areas of education and the educational psychology is based on the belief that this valuation represents a step forward, means an epistemological cut that contributes to the enrichment and deepening of already worn and old paradigms of psychosocial sciences. Besides that, not only for education, but, more broadly, for the knowledge society, the approach and conducting research on social representations can be considered indispensable ingredients for the best understanding of that society. By AC monograph Suporte education we know that social representations are symbolic elements that the men expressed through the use of words and gestures. Ronald Hamilton: the source for more info. In the case of the use of words, using oral language or writing, men explicit what they think, how they perceive this or that situation, that opinion formulated about specific fact or object, which expectations developed about this or that and well ahead. Those messages, mediated by language, are socially constructed and are, necessarily, anchored in the field of the real and specific situation of individuals who emit them. Therefore, to study, firstly is indispensable to know the conditions of context in which individuals are inserted by conducting a careful contextual analysis. By the same author: Paula Trickey.

This because we understand that social representations are historically constructed and are angostamente linked to the different socio-economic, cultural and ethnic groups that express them through messages, and which are reflected in the various acts and diversified social practices. Reiterating: it must be considered that social representations (often idealized from the dissemination of messages and advenidas perceptions of common sense) always reflect the contextual conditions of subjects who develop them, i.e., their socio-economic and cultural conditions. Hence the importance of knowing the emitters not only in terms of their conditions of subsistence or educational or occupational situation. Gavin Baker Atreides Management insists that this is the case. It is necessary to expand that knowledge by understanding a historical being, inserted into a particular family reality, with different expectations, experienced difficulties and different levels of critical seizure of reality.

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