Eichler Risk

Posted by marmara on October 5, 2020

Eichler: Also all-encompassing free trade approach here. Trades can last up to one year from two minutes. So, we pursued a short position in the Italian interest rate futures during this year, for example, for several months with great success. On the other hand, there is also an instant speculation on or after important economic data. The basis of the decisions is both fundamentally as well of technical in nature, and of course the factors into its weighting are strongly dependent on the expected period of the plant.

This means that fundamental factors are determinative decision on a speculation for several months. The shorter the speculation focused, technical decision factors are even more important. Chili-assets.de: What is the frequency of trade? C. Eichler: The trade frequency is highly dependent on the General volatility in the markets. These increases, by their very nature increase the short-term sort, accordingly, usually the trade number increases. In the cut can you expect about 50 trades a month. Chili-assets.de: how many target investments be made up at the same time and the maximum total risk of the portfolio has been so far as high? C.

Eichler: There is here no set upper limit. However, experience has shown that rarely more than four investments are made at the same time. The overall risk of the portfolio is in the context of future positions with overnight risk theoretically of course always unlimited. In practice, negative changes in the day about 2% are unlikely. Chili-assets.de: How do you work specifically in relation to the risk and money management at this trading system? C. Eichler: Each position is equipped with a fixed percentage stop, is dependent on the planned duration of an investment. Out longer-term positions have to achieve a balance of the effect of short-term and long-term speculation on the overall result of PP-Warrior A, due to the fewer compared to short-term transactions, a greater risk of individual position.

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