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Posted by marmara on September 19, 2017

Bargain Guide Germany 2010/11: Now available for the iPhone! Necessary bargain track, the owner of an Apple need no longer to provide iPhones now – that takes care of the software for them. It is using the Smartphone’s module of GPS, to determine your location. Immediately reveals the ‘bargain guide iPhone’, which outlets are located in the direct vicinity. The RADIUS to be scanned is 50 kilometers. Heinz Waldmuller: “GPS search reveals the users still on the sofa in his living room, whether worthwhile outlets are available nearby. Especially on journeys in Germany, iPhone shows the outlets at all times near the highway. Whoever finds a rewarding outlet in this way, can certainly easily insert a detour and make the occasional bargain.” The iPhone app ‘Bargain guide iPhone’ together with the professionals of the BRAINFORMATIK GbR realized. For more specific information, check out CDF. The mobile shopping Navigator uses the entire stock with the data of 850 top current factory outlets and factory outlet centers.

Who wants to, can find here also a city, by 275 product groups (by A car to Z such as tents) calling one or let go specifically looking for a particular brand. This overview makes sense even without GPS module: why can the “bargain guide iPhone” also on an iPod touch be used. The iPhone app is 25 MB and 6.99 euros. Heinz Waldmuller: “investing in the bargain guide iPhone pays for himself at the very first purchase. Who buys like high-quality branded goods, will be thrilled to have his own personal reference work in the iPhone in all ways always.” Offer to the press: giving away books, iPhone app free test for all journalists who would like to present the printed book of “Bargain Guide Germany 2010/11” editorially, the bargain-guide Publisher offers a free review copy. Also for a lucky draw are free copies available. Journalists who want to test the iPhone app, get handed out an iTunes gift certificate on request for the US store or the money directly to your own account. Requests are to be directed to the press office Typemania please. (Released 3933 sign, free of obligation) Website: information about the iPhone app: iTunes link: itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=326801596&mt=8 bargain Guide Germany 2010/11 with shopping vouchers to the value of over 2500 euro and 10 Golden saving tips editors; Heinz Waldmuller range: 720 pages ISBN: 978-3-936161-65-6 price: 12,90 euro of product photos and text file, visit our press server: further contact data: information about the responsible companies: bargain guide-Verlag GmbH, Metzingen str. 40, 70794 Filderstadt contact person for the press: Florian Waldmuller Tel: 0711-776-774 fax: 07 11 – 77 72 06 E-Mail: Web: Florian Waldmuller

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