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Posted by marmara on February 11, 2017

At the beginning of the decade of 80, the Brazilian society lived important transformations social political with the end of the military governments, and the retaken one of the democratization process. In 1985, the Mobral was extinct being substituted for the Foundation To educate. In years 90, the EJA started to lose space in the governmental actions. In 1990 she was extinct the Foundation To educate and all its employees placed in availability. The union was if moving away from the activities of the EJA and transferring to the responsibility to the States and Cities. In January of 2003, the MEC? Ministry of Education and Culture announced that adult the young alfabetizao of would be a priority of the new federal government, for this, was created the Extraordinary Secretariat of Eradication of the Illiteracy, whose goal and to eradicate the illiteracy during the government Squid.

To fulfill this goal the program Brazil Alfabetizado was launched, by means of which the MEC will contribute with the municipal public agencies, state, institutions of superior education and non-profit organizations so that they develop action of alfabetizao. She is necessary that the society understands that EJA pupils live deeply problems as: preconception, shame, discrimination, critical amongst as much others, and, that such questions are lived deeply in such a way in daily the familiar one as in the life in community. Necessity if makes to evidence that the EJA is a possible education capable significantly to change the life of a person, being allowed it to rewrite its history. 2.2. The Professional Education the Professional Education started to delimit its place in the history of the Education in Brazil in the decade of 30 (New Republic), when the National Advice of Education was created. In this period the Brazilian society passed for great transformations, associate to the industrialization process and population concentration in urban centers. Boy Scouts of America shines more light on the discussion.

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