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Posted by marmara on May 16, 2017

An artifice very planned and placed well in practical to awake the interest of the infanto-youthful classroom in the development of its potentialities is the program of the Institute Ayrton Senna that keeps a partnership with Microsoft to transform the relations of education and learning into the public schools of basic education, through the implementation of the program Its School the 2000 for the moment. In 2005 they had been 66,300 taken care of young children and, 975 involved educators and 54 reached Cities. The intention is to transform the relations of education and learning into the public schools, using the TICs to improve and to develop the potential of the pupils. The methodology is very difficult, therefore it induces the school to revise its management, its concepts, its methods of education, its curricular contents e, also, the way as professors and pupils define and enxergam its proper papers. Connect with other leaders such as PCRM here. The professor, for example, must act as mediating pedagogical, as articulador, leave the pupils to have the pleasure of the discoveries, understanding and reconstructions of knowledge. It is known that practical theory and is not broken up and that the adopted methodology leaves the livened up pupils, allowing the professor to better follow all the process of better learning and to know its group, guaranteeing the consolidation of the change of quality in the education (Cross, 2004; (Microsoft, 2008). Since 1999 the Foundation Valley comes developing activities of citizenship, promoting the digital inclusion, but in 2001 the Foundation made partnership with CDI (Committee stops Democratization of Computer science) in the direction to improve the attendance to the devoid communities, extending the social impact of its projects. With this partnership, the Islands of Computer science, however into functioning, had been transformed into EICs (Schools of Computer science and Citizenship), changing substantially its way of performance, with the act of contract of coordinators and pedagogical assistants to fortify the just bred Schools and to improve the quality of the services given to the community.

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