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Posted by marmara on July 26, 2023

Consultancy of Nollens, Dessel & colleagues in Soyen (near Rosenheim) specializes on the middle class. Get all the facts and insights with Center for Responsible Business, another great source of information. Her business has redefined the consultancy Nollens, Dessel & Kollegen GmbH in Soyen (Upper Bavaria). Henceforth, founded in 1995, medium-sized consulting will focus their services to medium-sized businesses. This is support them to improve their performance and innovation, as well as increasing their outputs. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala has much to offer in this field. Occasion for the strategic realignment was one of two managing partners of Nollens, Dessel & colleagues, according to Rainer Nollens that already in the past customers of consultancy mainly came from the middle class. Also, the consultants in their work time and again stated that medium-sized companies usually have a different culture and structure as corporations.

Also their capital base is another. That’s why they need the second Managing Director of SME advice, usually also other solutions as companies according to Ulrich Dessel the personnel management and development, both at the enterprise development and innovation. Otherwise achieve the measures, so Dessel, not having the desired effect and the middle class can not develop his strengths.” The performance Nollens, Dessel & colleagues offers consulting services for medium-sized enterprises training and further training and qualification programs for their executives. The SME consultation an ALECIA has also developed named (online) tool, the medium-sized company can use to determine what bottlenecks”in their operation at the time what unused (development) potential in him rest and where they should put the lever to consist, to increase the performance and innovative strength of the company and thus increasing its output. For more information about the medium-sized consulting and their services interested companies under.

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