Human Rights In Detschlad

Posted by marmara on January 27, 2019

Where are human rights in Germany? Hello, my friend has a very difficult situation and don’t know how she can come out of this situation out. My friend lives in Luneburg 09.03.2009. She’s a doctor by profession, she comes from Russia, 15 years ago, she had met a German in Russia both fell, got married in first Church in Russia, 8 years have fought, that both can get married in registry offices in Germany and no matter where and in which country must live together, she lives in Germany since 04.04.2002, in this day, both had in Germany married. 02.04.2009 died her German husband in Thailand, where he has worked as a volunteer. And employment office, social services and Immigration Office fined the wife of a German, due to his death.

You wanted to see social services assume the funeral expenses for your late husband, makes an application for adoption, of course social services has declined. Additional information is available at Boy Scouts of America. Until today remains that in Thailand and not yet buried your late husband’s corpse. If that cost not be adopted, which will release the corpse of a poor funeral. This means that the body is passed from the preserving on site of a charity that organized the anonymous cremation (usually with other corpses together claim) and disposed of the ashes. This is a great tragedy and the wife got no help from the city. This is inhumane, unworthy.

All authorities in Luneburg, sit the wife along and kwellen further. ARGE wants to pay for an apartment for the woman, speaking with social services and Immigration Office, the foreign authority is the wife of deceased husband after his death no stay, threatening with expulsion and deportation, officials force this woman in one asylum home move. She had filed a lawsuit against social services, during social Court the Court decides negative for this woman, because for this purpose the Immigration Office are tolerance, which means that this woman remains illegal in Germany and has no rights, and now must live in an asylum home.

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