IRM Security

Posted by marmara on May 6, 2022

Unlimited security for your documents (1.Teil) can use information rights management companies your company policy on document security enforce no matter where the documents are now located. One security is not achieved by building fences, one gains security by opening doors. “U.Kekkonen, Finn. Politicians, everyone knows it: documents with information produced, which not everyone should read or may. This confidential and sensitive documents are nowadays mostly protected in which restrictive permission settings for folders, drives, and computer are made for the user.

How to spread this information in the connection or granted to employees, customers, partners, subcontractors and external project team members, with a high level of security, access to these documents? Also begs the question of how security is provided in other areas? We take something tangible”: you need to ship parts and to pick up a container. In addition to the whole a package with a fragile and valuable content is stable, unbreakable parts of the shipment. Then, would equip the package with an appropriate protection or protect the whole container? No, the package with the precious content is protected and is also nicely marked. To protect the whole container and all of its contents, is not really economical. How can you protect individual documents now in the computer similarly effective and without significant overhead? The solution: Information rights management give it all people the documents, but you determine what who, how, when and that no matter where the documents are located. 1. What is succinct information rights management information rights management (IRM) by using IRM actually companies can set access permissions for your sensitive data. This prevents that confidential information be printed, copied, redirected, or read by unauthorized persons. Once permission for a document using IRM has been set will access and use permissions, regardless of where the document is enforced. Also, the use of the documents is logged by the IRM system.

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