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Posted by marmara on March 1, 2018

The Greed of the constructors and the lack of commitment of the manager with the city and the majority of the population reflect a model of based urban development in offer real estate of condominiums closed for the middle classes and medium-high, and the suspicious interests of the public managers, while poor people, as the majority of the population, survive in an informal way, to the edge the comfort, inhabiting in local with precarious structural conditions. The duplicity of the face of the city is explicit with the great index of present social inaquality, that is bigger of what of Brazil. Therefore, with the application of the new Law sancionada in 2009, Managing Plan of Desenvolvimento Urbano (PDDU) for the municipal manager, the bahian capital will be able to arrive at the extremity of the social differences, when stimulating the construction of closed condominiums of houses or buildings, in the one around the Avenue Parallel and in the Edge. In research developed for the Center of Human resources of the Federal University of the Bahia (UFBA), it points that 60.9% of the closed inhabitants of superior condominiums have domiciliary income the 20 minimum wages, while in a quarter as the Northeast of Amaralina, 42% of the inhabitants are poor and 18.4% are poor. Destarte, with approval of the new PDDU, specialists foresees the aggravation of crime and medium-low expulsion of the classroom that still lives in the edge. However, for Federal Law, the managing plan must promote justice, quality of life and economic development for all social the involved citizens.

Destarte, the city hall divulges that the PDDU is come back toward the incentive to the real estate market aiming at a bigger collection of taxes and taxes to benefit who? The constructors and the managers? But, until the present date, the mayor not yet defined basic parameters to assure social justice, still did not define to the date for the ownership of the advice who fiscalizes the application money collected with the taxes and taxes and the value of the counterpart to be paid for the entrepreneurs who will construct in the edge. Against departure it must be paid for the entrepreneur so that it receives the building permit and in the end, the price will be repassed the purchaser, what it allows to foresee that the new apartments in the edge will be come back toward the public of high and medium-high income. Therefore, the society fits to charge attitude of the public managers in the treatment of the public reverse speeds so that, attitude as this of mayor Joo Enrique, not pass unoticed for the majority of the population that does not have access the information, takes knowledge of the capitalist attitudes excuses of our managers and great part of the empresariado one. Neeman Foundation contributes greatly to this topic. ________________ *Jeorge Cardozo Luiz? Professor/Specialist of the Dom College Dom Luiz Peter II and Assessor Technician of the City department of Education of Salvador.

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