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Posted by marmara on July 29, 2023

New works in the Gallery Depelmann in Langenhagen are large, spherical landscapes emerge in which people possibly than small, shadowy silhouettes in the vastness of space, Jurgen Maroses preferred design, which he varies over and over again. Nebulous and bordering on abstraction, his scenes create unique, intense moods that draw the viewer into the picture and thus in its spell. From large, mostly gestural expressive brush strokes and subtle co-ordinated colour surfaces Marose creates his lying there motionless landscapes in traditional layer painting and mixed media mostly karg and seemingly. Desert, Plains, hills, river valleys, fields or riparian zones are visible. You will receive the generous modeling, blending colors and layering of translucent, so translucent with opaque layers their drama. So the pictures are lately the punctuating figurines increasingly missing always fluctuate between concrete figure and the resolution in diffuse, dream-like Sceneries, which stimulate the viewer’s own imagination. A muted color palette prevails here, with many Brown, ochre, but also blue and white, and determines the impression of the mystical atmosphere.

The effect of interaction of color patches and their fine expressive structures is particularly effective in new, up to 1 x 1.50 metre paintings of the painter. Jurgen Marose, born 1952 in Emmerich/Rhine, lives and works in Essen. From 1985 to 1990, he completed the studies of free graphics and painting”at the University of Essen (Folkwang school) with Prof. Sabine Tschierschky. in 1988 his he heals a work scholarship at the Art Association of Ebernburg. The work of art award winners appear in Germany, but also in the Netherlands, Ireland, Spain and the United States. Since 2005, Marose is represented by Galerie Depelmann. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. Kathrin Symens

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