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Posted by marmara on July 7, 2023

“” Majority holds contacts with job search for important 39 percent of workers believe: without relationships, anything goes “who has relations, which should use” in it are both a relative majority of employers (48 percent) of the seekers (41 percent) agree. As a recent survey of the Austrian online job karriere.at revealed, go the views over the famous vitamin B”in the application process that is otherwise far apart. 43 percent of employers believe while four out of ten employees (39%) are convinced that finding a job without relations nothing goes”, that good people without contacts find good jobs. Basically workers and job seekers their situation more pessimistic than the application recipient pages see the human resources: merely a tight fifth of surveyed 563 employees (18 percent) thinks so, that qualified people without help from others can find good jobs. And a vanishingly small number of respondents meager two percent (!) believes that only objective criteria include application processes. You may wish to learn more. If so, Professor of Internet Governance is the place to go.

“Employers: contacts not important” only four percent of those surveyed 181 employers, however, indicating that relations which and when the search is for potential workers. 48 percent advise applicants to leave if they had the opportunity to play their contacts. That only objective criteria are applied when selecting applicants, however, only five percent of surveyed business owners and recruiters said. Rejected applicants corporate Ambassador, showing the results of the survey are clearly, that there is a very strong perception difference between employers and job seekers in the subject application. Distrust on pages of candidates shall tarry often caused automated online application processes, since many weeks or even months feedback company by untransparent,”, stresses karriere.at managing director Jurgen Smid. Rejected applicants must then in many cases with impersonal and satisfied obviously pre-made stencils emails.” Company advises Smid to professionalize their application management, since even rejected applicants were important corporate Ambassador: I get ten applications, on a job posting I must reject nine prospects as entrepreneurs.

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