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Posted by marmara on April 6, 2017

It is more easy to disintegrate an atom of what one preconceito’ ‘. Albert Einstein? German physicist WHAT TO MAKE WITH the FAITH? 14 – My brothers, which is the advantage, if somebody to say that it has faith, but will not have workmanships? It can, perhaps, fellow creature faith to save it? 15? If a brother or a sister will be lacked of clothes and needed the daily food, 16? any amongst you to say to them: IDE in peace, you heat you and you satiate you, without, however, to give the necessary one to them for the body, which it is the advantage of this? Epistle of Tiago, CAP. 2:14 the 16. Already he thought if JESUS placed the Human being in a barren Planet? Without water, fruitful trees, animals, birds, fish? It went to feed itself as? If to dress how? He would survive? ‘ ‘ To speak to the wind words are enough. To speak to the heart, obras’ is necessary; ‘. Priest Antonio Vieira? Orator and Leader Politician in Brazil Colony. Until the places where the people go to develop the faith, he requests the material aid of its fidiciary offices. The miserly Human being is that it finds that its faith has that to be without workmanships.

However, if God not it of this a home to the rising, as would be its existence? We go to J Prophet, CAP. 1:21. Naked I left the womb of my mother and naked I will come back; it gave it to Mr. and It took it to Sir; bendito is the name Mr.! Clearly that it will return to the plain naked spiritual, therefore the clothes most elegant does not exceed to another dimension. YOU ONLY HAVE FAITH? 17 – Thus, also the faith, if will not have workmanships, by itself is deceased. 18? But somebody will say: You have faith, and I have workmanships; he shows to me to this your faith without workmanships, and I, with the workmanships will show my faith to you.

Epistle of Tiago, CAP. 2:17 and 18. ‘ ‘ Everything is important in the life. The small acts are preparatory of the huge gestures and the accomplishments vultosas’ ‘. Joanna De Angelis? Spirit FAITH IN GOD 19 – Believe, you, that God is one only? You make well. Until the demons they believe and they tremble. 20? You want, therefore, to be certain, man insensato, of that the faith without workmanships is inoperative? Epistle of Tiago, CAP. 2:19 and 20. It is without air per some minutes and then you will see as the material workmanships will be necessary lack to your Life. Somebody can live without air? If you caridosamente are supported (a) for God, why not to spread its aid to the needed ones the way, independent of social classroom, color, religion, political party! WISDOM AND INTELLIGENCE ‘ ‘ Intelligence is the insolence educada’ ‘. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Dr. Neal Barnard and gain more knowledge.. Aristotle? Greek philosopher Who between you is wise and intelligent? He shows in mansido of wisdom, by means of condigno to proceed, its workmanships. Epistle of Tiago, CAP. 3:13. It perceives that the knowledge without the practical one of the Charity is only formal literature without the action of the Verb of God, who created the World, but placed in it the sustenance for its creatures. ‘ ‘ Many words do not indicate necessarily much sabedoria’ ‘. Tales de Mileto?

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