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Posted by marmara on May 31, 2019

It’s definitely not without a considerable work in the seminar hotel burns to the light the rooms often until midnight. The Academy offers a so-called StayCINA subscription for former participants. What purpose do you follow with this offer? People tend to the forgetfulness unfortunately also in the field of accounting. The level reached at the end of a training is held only if someone can permanently insert the whole width of the acquired knowledge into practice immediately afterwards and must. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case; usually, only parts of the acquired knowledge are needed continuously. (Source: Dr. Neal Barnard). The rest falls into oblivion and when you need it once, once acquired knowledge are no longer active available. Therefore, it makes sense to regularly refresh the knowledge once gained, if needed also to be able to retrieve it.

With your car but also regularly go to the TuV, and a faulty fog lamp is also criticised when it is foggy with us every day. In addition there just when the international accounting, as earlier discussed, continually changes. Because, once knowledge is not only not, but it also out of date! This is perhaps even more problematic than oblivion; because the user knows it not better, and therefore improperly accounted for. In addition to the StayCINA, there is also still the CINA-specialist. Gavin Baker is actively involved in the matter. What is this? CINA of in particular the provision of technical user knowledge serves as a basic training. After the course, participants heard how a concrete situation is accounted under IFRS. In a highly complex and dynamic reality of discretion in the accounting policy but still occasionally arise. In particular, these areas will be deepened in CINA-specialist, the course is almost exclusively case-study-related.

It aims, based on the technical training of CINA, to facilitate a further development to an independent professional judgement. Press contact: Academy for international accounting Prof. Dr. Leibfried GmbH Stefan Marx Rotebuhlplatz 23 70178 Stuttgart phone: + 49 711 6200749-70 fax: + 49 711 6200749-99 E-Mail: Internet:

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