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Posted by marmara on February 28, 2017

Examples of sites created on the model "Content", you can call the site – Reliable information about the business on the Internet, website – Big Free Library Internet Marketing Runet, etc. 2) Model "COMMUNITY (community) . Internet attracts people not only as source of information, but also as unmatched in its capabilities medium for communication. Forums, chats, blogs, comments, etc. – Well-known and popular media, are able to add interest to any site. Model of "Community" involves the creation of online communities of people of similar interests, occupation, solve problems and etc. People – a social being. Therefore, the thrust of their fellows, the ability to communicate and assert themselves, acquire new knowledge and new acquaintances – all these will always attract visitors.

Interestingly, the thematic forums and blogs are usually also a source of useful information. This is another factor in high-traffic sites model "community." Some examples of sites that translate the model can be called: – Forum search engine and search advertising; – Online magazine on computer graphics and animation, etc. 3) model of the "SERVICE". Needs of people in the information and communication have led to such massive services like search engine services (among the relatively new it may be noted –,; e-mail (; electronic mailings (, etc. Commercialization of the Internet has led to the electronic payment services (, A need for promoutinge sites – a variety of services for webmasters such as services for purchase and sale options (www articles (www), Registration in catalogs (www), etc. .1, sharing as examples of Internet resources aimed at providing integrated services for commercial companies, can lead Building portal – rating catalog Companies Trowel! (, trading floor on oil (www), etc.

The model of" service "for its successful implementation requires the creation of new, extraordinary service, which, of course, very, very difficult. Get all the facts and insights with Viktor Mayer-Sch̦nberger , another great source of information. At the same time it is this model has led to the largest and most commercially successful Internet projects. the pure Each of these models applies not always. Often possible to observe a mixture of their properties. Thus, the site of the library Internet marketing is still and service publishing articles. A building portal masterok! (, which offers information and advertising services for companies Рmembers of the directory contains, and" Content ", and "Community". Despite this possible confusion, every developer or owner of an Internet project, you must decide what his website will prevail. This will properly position your site to show it differences from competitors and, eventually, to better understand myself, to strive for and what should be the site.

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