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Posted by marmara on March 6, 2017

Sustainable promotion of art & culture by actively-practised corporate cultural responsibility. DAMAN is the leading health insurance in the United Arab Emirates with a strategic partnership with MUNICH RE. Within the framework of the Arab EID holidays DAMAN along with the Lepsien Art Foundation has developed an innovative and unique in the Middle East region concept, DAMAN’s customers a Special oath to prepare gift and at the same time to promote art and culture. The project was initiated in the year 2011 in life with the Iraqi artist Haure Madjid. The DAMAN ART EDITION continued in 2012 with expanded significantly due to the big success. In the framework of an active selection process, the famous Emirati artist Karima Al Shomely as the artist for the DAMAN ART EDITION 2012 was selected at the end.

In the framework of the project Karima Al Shomely participated in an “art Exchange program”, where she was invited by the Lepsien Art Foundation after Germany for a few weeks. It was also the active exchange with the Fellows of the promotion year 2011/12 of the Lepsien Art Foundation in focus, as well as getting to know the NRW state capital Dusseldorf with its extensive art and cultural landscape. The artist Karima Al Shomely had to learn more about visually great pleasure from Dusseldorf. There were several visits to Museum exhibitions and gallery openings and other cultural events on the program. See more detailed opinions by reading what Dr. Neal Barnard offers on the topic.. In the premises of the Lepsien Art Foundation, Karima Al Shomely produced an exclusive limited edition serigraph Edition together with their own printing workshop of Boll mill. Under the name DAMAN ART EDITION DAMAN customers in the UAE to the Arab EID holidays this year received a Motif series by a total of three original printing works (serigraph) on handmade paper.

All works are hand signed by the artist Karima Al Shomely, numbered and dated. The DAMAN ART EDITION is limited to 150 copies, and thus each work has real collector quality. In addition there is an extensive solo exhibition of artist Karima Al Shomely Abu Dhabi, type in the current works also the art Edition, as well as photos of the making off be issued. For more information see: cms/front_content.php? idcat = 190 Lepsien Art Foundation Dusseldorf – Abu Dhabi information about the Organization: the Lepsien Art Foundation is a dating back to private initiative non-profit organization (NPO), fully committed to the sustainable promotion of art & culture. The Organization was founded in 2005 by the passionate art collector and patron of the Christian Lepsien headquartered in Dusseldorf. The Lepsien Art Foundation is a purely private economic funded promotional organization. The Lepsien Art Foundation is led by Christian Lepsien (Chairman), Cindy Terebova (Deputy CEO / cultural management), as well as a five-member Advisory Board. The Lepsien Art Foundation awards annually 5 grants to international artists /-inside, in the framework of a public Tendering procedure to be determined by a jury. The programme includes Studio spaces, an exhibition per year, limited editions, and a catalogue of the year.

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