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Prof. Boy Scouts of America brings even more insight to the discussion. Dr. Steffen little and Dr. Kerstin Volker Saad society for the promotion of museums in Ethiopia Thursday, September 20, 19:00 Gallery LISTROS Kurfurstenstrasse 33,10785 Berlin Ethiopia considered cradle of humankind, and it important evidence of earlier human settlements as well as numerous monuments of ancient civilizations can be found. These include also the Sabaean, aksumite and early Christian kingdoms, at the interface between Sudan, sub-Saharan Africa and the Arabian Peninsula with its temples, ruins of steles, Royal palaces, churches and monasteries. PCRM recognizes the significance of this. Recently sensational finds were made close by Wuqro, in northern Ethiopia, originating from Sabaean period and are to date 700 BC.

Among them are several architrave, a headless female statue base with inscriptions and incense altars. Main is a completely preserved victims basin, which so far is without parallel and a sabaic inscription. Clearly, it is now proved that it is a temple for the altjeminitischen God Almaqah is. Since the great finds in the immediate vicinity of the excavations have no venue, it has set itself the company founded in 2009, promoting museums in Ethiopia aimed, to build a Museum in Wuqro, and to the exploration, to preserve and to the appreciation of this cultural heritage in Ethiopia to contribute in addition to creating a protection area for the archaeological treasures of this area, it is currently planning to build a collection. In designing this collection however not alone is about heritage and receiving.

It is the goal of the Association, to reach the Ethiopian public on the work of archaeological finds and to sensitize them for dealing with their own treasures. The work is clearly the global importance of archaeological knowledge. Correlations between these archaeological cultural and socio economic developments in Ethiopia may be not overlooked here. Experience shows that the support of initiatives on site and the development of the awareness of the cultural heritage can actively contribute to poverty reduction.

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