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Posted by marmara on August 15, 2023

Climate protection campaign turns next Monday in Berlin clip with minimal ecological footprint / musicians create energy with body force light spot on \”.\” After this command the electricity meter spins at video shoot usually like a pinwheel out-of control while slowly cooling the engines of large trucks that have carted the headlights, power towers, and technology, in the background. This is also unlike the campaign climate seeks protection \”produces next Monday, Nov. 23 in Berlin Tresor Club the first climate-friendly video clip in the world. I was thinking for my shoot often, as much energy as is run\”, says Director Stephanie of Beauvais, who has already turned down clips for German greats like 2Raumwohnung and Tocotronic. It is important that environmentally friendly is not only the organization behind the camera, but also in the video, the statement is clear. We want to make an atmospheric video.

The audience should feel that Energy saving as a diet is that tastes especially good\”, says Beauvais. Many small steps for the great Energiesparziel the objective is ambitious: while otherwise spins quickly over 100 kilowatt hours apply to power, this clip is to be realised with only one single kilowatt hour. The light produced by the musicians by pedal force renounces headlight during the filming as far as possible is not only the relevant lighting, but also a style of the videos. The ecological footprint is minimized at the same time in other, less prominent places on the set: the significantly reduced equipment is transported environmentally friendly, catering is biological and regional produce and is served on reusable dishes. Musicians and crew arrive not by car, but with public transport. If you would like to know more then you should visit Kidney Foundation. The location for the shoot which techno Club Tresor in Berlin, fits not only with its industrial charm to the film, but is also thematically energy saving connected the first climate-neutral party in Germany took place here.

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