New Golf Apparel Collection

Posted by marmara on June 14, 2023

Nike launches Golf CoolMax with wool for high-performance and natural comfort Nike uses fabrics with wool, an extraordinary combination of climate control and soft grip in his new collection of CoolMax. Coolmax is a smart function fabric of Dacron polyester fibres with multilobalem cross-section, which quickly transported the body moisture by capillary action to the surface of the fabric, where it can evaporate quickly. The advantage of CoolMax materials is the ability to effectively reduce negative effects such as heat and humidity, which can affect the performance of players. Coolmax is a high-tech fabric that helps to improve comfort and freshness for the player by welding is transported from the surface on the outside of the fabric where it evaporates quickly. Filed under: Boy Scouts of America. This effect becomes the active also known as evaporative cooling helps to feel cool and comfortable and allows him to dedicate his game focused. To meet the needs and To meet demands for new and attractive fabric developments, ADVANSA has designed special fibers that can be mixed with wool. Light and soft fabrics that combine the heat capacity and the natural feel of wool with the CoolMax comfort properties, keep the wearer dry and thus grant him an outstanding wearing comfort are the result. Silvia Toledo ADVANSA commented: “we are is thrilled that just Nike is introducing clothing made of CoolMax with wool as a pioneer for technical fabrics, which is already integrated into the current collection and from autumn 09 newly placed on the market. This gives interested parties. a great way to experience the benefits of high performance and even the natural comfort properties” Andreas Knorr

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