Non-profit Organization Nuru Uses Macs To Finish With The Extreme Poverty

Posted by marmara on February 18, 2017

Some non-profit organizations exist that helps the poor countries, but none of them seems to have the boarding of base of Nuru. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger has compatible beliefs. This non-profit organization of one year of age is using the education to help communities, to help itself same and is using the technology to make it. The Nuru was formed by Jake Harriman, a commander of the infantry squad and a unit of the elite of the marines calls of Forces Recon. Harriman served two excursions of having in Iraq, where it perceived that the key to finish with the terrorism was to finish with the extreme poverty. The thoughts of Harriman can be seen in a called video ' ' The End' '. In its words, ' ' terrorists depend on an infinite source of people who live in extreme poverty, without other options in the life.

The only possibility that we have to see the end of the terrorism, is to finish with the extreme poverty ' '. The Nuru is creating what flame of projects seeds, where the organization if concentrates in five areas of development: Agriculture, Water and Sanitation, Health, Economic Development of the Community and Education. Douglas Scott, Official Head of Marketing of the Nuru, explained to the Loop that they go in a community, sit down with the people and listen. It said that the Nuru wants to know what the proper people feel that they need to help itself, instead of making the evaluations and advancing on account proper. ' ' We want mutual respect and want to in common work for the same objectives ' ' , Scott said.

' ' We equip the people with the abilities that they need to rise of the poverty extrema' '. As an example, Scott said that a mount of communities needs clean water. Nuru teaches the people on illnesses transmitted for the water, as they spread themselves and as if to protect of them.

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