Organization Culture

Posted by marmara on March 17, 2014

If we analyze the concept expressed by Shein we see that the same sound but very vaguely described how organizational culture emerges. If we see the part that says that. . . is the pattern of basic assumptions. . .

we can not identify the significance of these as translating the phrase literally, as Dictionary of the Royal Academy of Spanish Language (DRAE) can understand it. . . Background Guidance or deductions essential. .

. . May have several literal meanings that approach or not this but the basic idea is that a concept of a topic, especially new, must be expressed as simply as possible to promote understanding of those not fully committed to the analysis of certain topics. For example, if an employer wishes to keep his company remain competitive must necessarily introduce changes in their performance therefore needs to make a general diagnosis of the Organization and this, of course, includes an analysis of organizational culture as it is responsible the behavior of any organization, so if you tell an employer you have to diagnose the organizational culture of the company probably asked that question this and if you say it is. . . the pattern of basic assumptions invented a particular group. . . of course it will not be pleased to any way the invention of that group. Note that I'm not trying to say that the concept of Shein is wrong or anything, I'm just warning that the definition of concepts must take into account that are not always read and needy individuals with knowledge of the item you have to try state them as simple and clear as possible.

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