Posted by marmara on March 8, 2016

Love of parents and their constant contact with the child is no less important for the baby than the fresh air or sun. The earlier belief that the state should educate from the cradle to university, did not withstand the test time. As it turned out, the harmonious development of children without families is unthinkable. How, then, should be raising children in the family? Is it harmful to the child "blind" and the selfish love of a mother? Modern psychologists and educators believe that deprivation of children under three years of parental care and love, even for a few months, causing them irreparable emotional and moral injury. It is in this age group laid the foundation of spiritual life rights. Of its durability and material value depends on the complexity and subsequently built the building – the moral image of your child. Sense of family education and is the creation of a strong spiritual foundation. But so if parents are well prepared to perform this difficult task? It is clear that love can bring only love.

Methods almost military discipline, cold and callous attitude is unlikely to cause a child's heart and kindness compassion for others' pain, tenderness and self-sacrifice. Do all parents can give their children this rainbow of feelings? But to love her child as a human – a special gift. No matter how young your children are not, they are always perfectly feel the relationship between the parents themselves, sensitive to all the quarrels and discord in the family. Mainly in their upbringing to become the love of parents. None of the errors of young families do not harm their children, as inattention to their own love. When the mother and father love each other, the rays of love and the child is bathed. If there is no love in the family, then no measure of education does not make up her child. Indifference of parents, frank discord in the family is almost always subsequently generate fear, cruelty and cautious attitude to the world.

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