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Posted by marmara on May 30, 2023

Fit through the winter with the Nintendo DS, the air of the most inner cities is currently was impregnated by the fragrance of roasted almonds, as well as other Christmas specialities. Quite a few see themselves against so advertised holiday lick clean with care. The portal for online auctions provides with the fitness game personal trainer DS a contemporary variant to fit over the new year and beyond to save. Nintendo transfers the principle of its successful Wii sports games on the own handheld, the Nintendo DS. Says as well as in Wii fit also personal trainer DS right at the beginning, to stand: the software recorded weight, size, and date of birth to calculate the BMI (body Mass index). What follows is a fitness test. After various exercises, the player takes the pulse to determine how fit he is already. Now, the actual training can begin.

The DS athletes following the instructions of the electronic fitness coach. Unfortunately, he thereby receives no feedback on the execution of the exercises. This however estimate experts as important to avoid posture problems. In addition to the sporting exercise, the console supports the healthy diet. So there is not only a large part of lexicon with interesting facts to food and drink. The user can also enter, all consumed food and count calories. It provides the training achievements against the software and generates different statistics. Soon the first successes are to read depending on the personal discipline.

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