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Posted by marmara on March 21, 2013

In this article I will tell you about one of the best players, Tracktor Dj Studio 3! Has long since emerged the view that this program for DJs! Yes, it has many features for DJs, but for normal users, it fits! Now I will tell you more about all the features of the program) For DJs, this program nezaminima! It replaces the right of 2 to 4 turntables, mixer (console) with the basic functions and also provides an extensive panel to accommodate the effects and functions that are needed for you) There are functions of echo cancellation, freezing, scratching, record mix, and dozens more features! Mixes can be written in two ways – economical (good if you play your mix with a computer records all your actions, the play order and so on) and pretty expensive way to write, which writes the ‘sounds’, published by the tractor)! But this program has a function and for normal users) you always fast track can download and customize for each track separately sound (built into the mixer EQ), after turning off all programs that you will automatically hear a common playlist! But it can be and delete! For many there is a problem with downloading tracks or their incorporation!

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