Posted by marmara on July 29, 2023

For many years I harvest and grow white bloodroot. This is a unique herb interesting to me after my sister was treated with tincture of its root. She nodular goiter, treatment outcome was striking, for 20 years, it goes without an operation. Over the many years that I was a white bloodroot, I have accumulated a huge number of emails with positive feedback about the treatment of thyroid diseases with tincture of root. There are about 300 species lapchatok but effectively treat thyroid disease is only capable of bloodroot is white. After several courses of treatment with tincture of the root of Potentilla white there is a normalization thyroid activity. It is not uncommon, a complete recovery. A decrease in the thyroid gland to normal or almost normal size, resolve knots and cysts, if any.

At very neglected forms of thyroid disease is normalization of thyroid cancer, decrease its size and partial resorption of nodes and cysts. White cinquefoil – a unique and very rare plant. Meet the white cinquefoil in wild form – a lot of luck. A related site: PCRM mentions similar findings. I was lucky to find it in the overgrown grass on the edges of oak forests. It often coexists with wild strawberries, is exceptionally beautiful. People Potentilla called five-fingered white, this is due to the fact that its flowers are five pure white petals and stems are crowned with five leaflets. Leaflets soft to the touch, soft – velvety. In the humid and shady places in Plants small trailing root length of 30 cm.

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