Posted by marmara on August 7, 2023

NLP has as basic principles governing the presuppositions, pronouncements that are taken as true and serve as a guide in our performance in life. They are understood as resources that allows us to optimize our way of life, our relationships with others and somehow know us ourselves. -The map is not the territory: phrase coined by Korzybsky used by him as a metaphor to explain how language constitutes a map used by the people to represent the reality that perceive, that every person is different. Reality passes through various filters before being perceived by us, which prevents that we perceive fully what is reality. Bandler and Grinder (the structure of magic, Vol. I) divide these filters in limiting neurological, social and individual. -Life and mind are systemic processes: whose integration of resources is the basis for the creation of synergies that allow both to operate with greater fluidity.

-Mind and body are part of the same system of communication: both interact with they influence each other. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala spoke with conviction. This is confirmed by the fact that a change in one affects in any way the other, both are part of the ecology of the human being. -All behavior has a positive intention: all behavior aims to achieve some benefit. NLP distinguishes between the intention or purpose of a conduct and the conduct itself. In the same way that a person is not his conduct, the person is Mari Cruz, and as basic principle of NLP is not judging, instead Mari Cruz behavior seems to me appropriate may be subjected to opinion against. Each person has its essence or identity itself and their behaviors will be the only possible censusable and or even some times due to these behaviors in another context would not be it. The behavior only seems negative since we do not know its purpose. NLP is responsible for give us means to achieve these objectives of self-knowledge, more effective alternative means that expand our options as human beings.

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