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Posted by marmara on May 15, 2017

In order that would make really serious money on the internet, primarily need a good idea. Online you can find lists of "most profitable ideas for business" and the like. Some even manage them successfully sell. But let's really look at things: 1. Who will sell a really good idea and will not use it myself? 2. The overwhelming weight of such ideas simply comes from foreign publications and hardly suitable for the conditions post-Soviet space. 3. Most of the "free ideas" is reduced to the commonplace "buy cheaper – sell more." Questionable usefulness of such lists is obvious.

So how can that be? How to find an idea that can be successfully convert into cash? Well, let's try to understand. In this article we will go about finding ideas for a successful Web site. Immediately, I note that any specific ideas for the site in this article, you will not find, but the material presented in this publication will help you decide on actions that may face you in the very, cherished the idea. So, let's begin. Two main methods of creating the site for profit is: 1. Site development for any interesting topics you, its subsequent promotion and generating revenue from advertisements placed on him and from affiliate programs. 2.

Site development – a store that will sell products and services. In the first case it is necessary a creative approach. You create an interesting and useful to people and you site. Over time, this develops into a steady source of income.

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