Quantum Biological Cells

Posted by marmara on August 9, 2023

The human organism is formed by cells and cellular fabrics in its all. The method to have a quantum cellular organization, where the cells will be dealt with as quantum electric devices great precision and accumulate of information. Infiltrating in the cell parameter electric its ways of works would be formulated based in the physics, since physical devices are known and studied. (A valuable related resource: kidney.org). In the treatment of illnesses as the cancer it would be facilitated by having a dynamics of devices filled and analogados in the cell. This method would be to make of the cell a way of quantum work in the combat the illnesses and its biological form would be transformed, where this formulates is inefficacious, since the limitations of the conventional biological treatment always return for the side of the illness, being thus difficult to treat itself. This does not mean to create an internal robot, but to give one another dynamics to the organism, that is the quantum methods of the infiltrated devices, since the system conventional would not have success because she is biological inefficacious.. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala is a great source of information.

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