RFID Integration In Video Surveillance

Posted by marmara on July 9, 2023

Dallmeier, initPRO integrate the network for innovative logistics (www.netzwerk-innovative-logistik.de) RFID in video surveillance, called NILE is committed to the goal, to offer integrated logistics solutions and services for production, storage and transport. The initiative is promoted by the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology. Read more here: Center for Responsible Business. A total of seven companies, as well as the two universities of Regensburg combine expertise from all sectors of the supply chain and develop together new solutions and innovative products. In the NIL project worked the two company Dallmeier and initPRO because video images to integrate RFID data. RFID (radio frequency identification) enables contact-free and without visual contact to transfer data using radio waves.

The heart of this technology is called the so-called tag also RFID tag, which consists of a chip and an antenna connected. It is able to absorb the energy from the electromagnetic waves, the chip to enable and the subsequent Data stored on the reader, the RFID reader to return. InitPRO’s development work put on by Dallmeier on already existing documented interfaces. With Dallmeier’s years of experience in the field of video surveillance, as well as the high Know-How initpro on RFID incorporated into the development. \”Armin beer s, who oversees the project at Dallmeier, is satisfied: we have worked closely together and jointly created a solution that allows a variety of ways in practice.\” For the first time the data transmitted by the RFID tag can be now integrated into the video image, such as date, time, or serial number. To the RFID reader via Ethernet is sending data to the Dallmeier recorders, then in the management software PView in the or be displayed in addition to the video image. An important area of application for this technology is the documentation of transfer of risk logistics service providers. Clearly associate later complaints of damage or loss, is the flow of goods completely documented in the entire logistics centre up to the delivery to the parcel service provider or carrier.

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