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Posted by marmara on August 16, 2017

Package is built on the basis of the law "family reunification". The process of preparing the package for one individual takes 2-3 day. After receiving your confirmation of registration in advance of your firm should take the place of one of the consulates of the Czech Republic located on the territory of the Russian Federation (can be recorded and the Consulate of Czech Republic in a European country), for submission of documents for long-term visas 65. To call the consulate and get on the waiting list should personally citizen who wishes to apply for consideration. Conversation with the consulate at the time of entry fee, after issuing you a bill for this phone service should pay for it and be sure to bring proof of payment to a reception at the consulate. Such tacit requirements should be implemented for successful submission of documents and obtaining a visa. For assistance, try visiting Center For Responsible Lending. Children under 15 years of personal presence in the filing of documents is required, and submit the documents can be one of the parents.

Examination of documents Consulate Czech occurs within the period specified by law (120 days). After the deadline specified by you when submitting documents address comes a formal letter of request to appear at the consulate within a specified time to obtain a visa. At the time of examination papers consulate abroad passport remains in the hands and they can fully enjoy. Prepared a package of documents sent to you express mail your instructions to the provision of further action. Necessarily concentrate our attention to the fact that during the entire process of registration you an e-mail sent copies of the completed documents, and you can in the online mode, ask questions and receive explanations to each document and learn what it needs. There is a support service of your documents to the police for foreigners in Prague, it allows the mode now to track the stages following documents and be aware of the decision Visa much earlier than the option of a letter from the consulate.

All decisions to grant visas taken to the police for foreigners in Prague and the consulate is the point of reception – the issuance of documents and the first stage verification purposes and objectives of the citizen. An interview after the filing of documents is a case in point. Consular employees who work directly with citizens are good psychologists, and so much depends on your behavior and responses to questions. At the time of the visit the consulate for a visa national need to have hands on annual insurance medical certificate of one of the insurance companies, the Czech Republic. Complex service design multivisa you can get from our staff. Consultations are free of charge by phone or in person at our office. Discover Europe and turn another page of the book world.

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