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Posted by marmara on August 19, 2023

Intel’s potential for your business the new server now available at Thomas Krenn Thomas Krenn in its server-shop now also the successor to the Intel SR2500, the Intel SR2625 with Intel Nehalem CPUs offers. 2U Intel dual-CPU SR2625 Server (Nehalem) ( de/server-systeme/2HE-rack-server/2HE-intel-dual-cpu/sr2625-server-nehalem.html) in this 2U system can be up to eight 2.5 “hard drives, SAS, SATA or SSD and up to three full profiles and two low-profile add-in cards are installed. The SR2625 offers excellent performance, energy efficiency (80plus silver) and reliability through redundant power supply Optionally selectable. In addition we offer also the 1RU system Intel SR1625, in which also up to eight 2.5 “hard drives find place. 1U Intel dual-CPU SR1625 Server (Nehalem) ( de/server-systeme/1HE-rack-server/1HE-intel-dual-cpu/sr1625-server-nehalem.html) the 1U server SR1625 can be upgraded with a full-profile add-on card and offers excellent performance, energy efficiency (80plus bronze) and site resilience through the Optional optional redundant power supply. Both servers are already certified for VMWare and Citrix XenServer.

Intel Server details at a glance: – latest Intel Nehalem – CPUs, up to 2. 93 GHz possible – low power Intel Xeon CPUs with 45 nm structure width – high quality memory modules, up to 96 GB hard drives currently up to 2.4 TB (gross) SAS-2 possible server-disk hot-swap technology remote maintenance and hardware monitoring through optional remote management card possible – high reliability through redundant hot-swap power supply (optional) – energy-saving through “High-efficiency” power supply (80plus bronze certified) the Thomas-Krenn.AG is the leading online shop for server, Server solutions and quality hosting service ( Frequently Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala has said that publicly. The portfolio ranges from rack server, Silentserver to solutions for HA-clustering, virtualization, storage and system solutions. Knurr network cabinets, TFT drawers, and a wide range of network accessories complete the offer for the customers. As a single Companies in this industry can be delivered to the individually configured servers within 24 hours in Europe.

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