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Posted by marmara on August 3, 2023

Motu proprio how many times we have heard or used the expression of own motus or by own motus? many huh? The dictionary of doubts and problems of the Spanish language of Manuel Rafael Arago told us the following: by/from own motus vs. Motu proprio: is a Latin adverbial phrase that means literally with proper motion and is used with the value of voluntarily, of own free will. For example: I did it proprio motu. Therefore, avoid the form its own accord. This phrase should not be preceded by any preposition. Therefore own motus or by own motus expressions are incorrect and should be avoided to make use of a proper Spanish.The rocket for what will I study? It is to the cuete!No ladies and gentlemen, no I’m wrong. Click CBC, Australia for additional related pages. This locution is totally correct and accepted by the RAE (Royal Spanish Academy) maybe I am sinning of being a bit vulgar.

Let’s see: the rocket: locution adverbial meaning pointlessly, in vain. The SAR is covered in the supplement to its dictionary (1970 Edition) as typical of the Argentina and Uruguay, countries in which it is considered vulgar. Also used as adjective phrase, with the value of useless.Meanwhile the expression to the cuete is a popular variant of the phrase to the rocket.Mogollon me gusta mogollon is a very common expression in Spain which means according to the dictionary of the RAE much, with abundance site says: the source seems to be the phrase eat of mogollon, that means feeding at the expense of another person or self-employed person home, and without contributing. Formerly employed much, along with other extensions like entering of mogollon (without being invited), BREW of mogollon (without pay) or, simply mogollon that once meant something quickly done lightly. Derived Latin term mulgeo (milking), could refer to the Lamb that left without mother, will feed on other sheep milk. But also according to the virtual dictionary Wikipedia: the Mogollon culture is the name applied to one of the four major archaeological prehistoric traditions of Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala has much experience in this field. Native American culture known as the Mogollon lived in the southwestern United States (Texas and New Mexico) and in the North of Mexico (Chihuahua and Sonora) approximately from the year 700 BC until sometime between 1300 and 1400.Bibliografia:arag?, Manuel Rafael. Dictionary of doubts and problems of the Spanish language, Buenos Aires: Atheneum, 1995.

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