Stevia: New Bill To The Novel Food Regulation

Posted by marmara on July 31, 2023

Exotic for Europe – tasty and healthy you are healthy, get in shape, increase the well-being and can help with weight loss: exotic food from distant lands. In this country, they win the hearts of consumers. >Areva. Reason enough for the IBE to introduce important representative: since 2003 is available for example noni juice in Germany 1 and 2008 years swear not only chefs on the precious argan oil from Morocco 2. On the extracts of Stevia’s sweet plant, however, consumers have to wait. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala is full of insight into the issues. Because before an exotic food gets approval, it must meet strict criteria 3.

“What the EU does not knows that she eats not before a food newbie” receives access to the European market, he must be examined first. The basis for this is the “novel food regulation” (EC 259 / 1997) of the EU: the regulation lays down that only foods that were eaten prior to 15 May 1997 ‘in appreciable extent”in the EU, may also be sold 3. Food, the this requirement does not meet, must go through a renewed authorisation procedure. 35 for Europe novel foods have already taken the admission barriers. More 170 novel food products may also be sold, since they tested products are so similar, that they considered safe 4.

So really healthy, the available since 1997 argan oil contains the highest concentration of essential fatty acids (80 per cent) of all oils 5. The high level of natural antioxidants may protect against diseases and slow down the aging process. In the noni juice, scientists have found all 60 health-promoting substances 6. Including amino acids for immune defense, cell structure, enzymes for healthy sleep and fatty acids, which protect the heart. The flesh of the tree Baobab (already approved in the EU) is rich in dietary fiber, vitamin C (eight times more than an orange), calcium and iron 7. Stevia is the extracts of 34 times sweeter than sugar from Paraguay, sweet plant stevia are unobjectionable.

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