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Posted by marmara on May 24, 2017

It has put God in our heart to show to them what it thinks about which to all bothers to us, irritates to us and causes pain to us, especially if comes from people to those who we loved: the disdain, the contempt, the scorn. We are going to reflect in today on that despicable reality of the scorn, beginning to say that it is one of those things that need to be assassinated, that deserves to be assassinated, that are worthy to be assassinated. But, to what we talked about in himself when we spoke of scorn? What is that? The dictionary of the Real Academy defines that like: Disrespect, lack of esteem, snubbed, disdain . esses the importance of the matter here. Perhaps check out Nieman Foundation for more information. It is to subvalue something that has much value intrinsically, because God gave that value him. Its life reviews a little now.

It evaluates his attitudes, their behavior, its actions, their words and tries to discover what manifestations of scorn it has in his life towards same you, towards others or any type of things: If it has made an evaluation thorough and sincerely it can conclude that some times, or in the worse one of the cases always, the scorn has settled in its home and takes a walk by each one of the areas of its marital life. How many times have despised you it opinion of your spouse to take any class from decision? How many times have despised you something that its pair does or says with love? How many times he has passed through stop the effort that she makes to cook some plate, to list to him her clothes to him, to have ordinate her house and to exert the profession of mistress of house? How many times it has bought for you value things while to her it buys any cheap thing to him? How many times it has left spend the complete day without being interested in speaking with his spouse? How many times it has compared his spouse with other people to conclude that she has less qualities and more defects? How many times it has spoken badly of its spouse or one has made fun of or it has ridiculed it in front of its friendly or relatives? How many times it has preferred to remain to take beers with its buddies instead of to go away to house to pass a time of quality with its pair or its family? How many times has been invented more office in its work because it gives hartera him to go early to his house? But also how many times it has thought that its house is the worse thing, than his pair is worse, than his fathers-in-law are worse, than his spouse is cause of all the evils, that their income are malsimos, that its home is a disaster, that perhaps married with the mistaken person, that better he would be to separate or to occur a time, that is shamed to live where lives, that does not deserve to live in that neighbourhood, that their children are not worth the pain, that all their time next to its pair is lost, that its pair is mediocre because it does not make more money, etc, etc? Since or it will have been able to observe each of those attitudes or thoughts is simply manifestations of the scorn..

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