Hair Plates

Posted by marmara on November 13, 2017

The plates of hair, are today used by women who want to look good. Thanks to the evolution of technology, it is now much easier and faster to be ready for any occasion and without spending much money, not to say that you nothing of money. In the market, there are hair irons both straighten and curl the hair. The plates that have wide plates are perfect to straighten long hair. The mini plates, allow to create curls or waves in your hair, and at the same time a perfect straightening for short hair. In a matter of seconds you can look a super chic look, without having to spend much money. Only the initial investment. There are plates of all sizes, colors, shapes, wireless, anyway.

There so much diversity, hence of all prices, professionals, semi professional, for the home. All prices and guaranteed. As well, there are irons ceramic imitations that are not. These all you will do is burn the scalp and debit it. That is why, that is very It is important to always have one of the best plates of hair at your side.

There is no comparison with the quality of work, as leave you the hair shiny, silky, with life and above all without hurting him. You must be very aware when you go to buy your iron to do it at the official sites. That will give warranty so you are buying. Remember that it is your hair that are putting at stake. Besides that you can make any type of hairstyle with hair plates. If and when, before you expose hair to the heat of the iron, you use products to protect it from the heat and will not dry out. Remember that these plates for any reason can be used on wet hair. You should always dry!. The only disadvantage of these plates is all that magic disappears to wetting the hair smooth perfect goodbye. At some point, the plates wanted to be replaced by straightening creams. But after some studies found that its effects were not as effective as they used to say that they were. Also who do not work on all hair types and some creams don’t last more than 30 days, and need to do a touch up at its root. Over time, you can burn the scalp, debit it. And it is not highly recommended technique by stylists.

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