The WWF Tiger

Posted by marmara on March 22, 2018

You help with your donation with the WWF, to save the last Tiger: 100,000 tiger dominated is still 100 years ago, the forests of Asia today roam our world of Berlin only 3,200 of the big cats, only 3200 tiger in the wild live July 1, 2010. Help: to save the last tiger in Asia from extinction. A hundred years ago, 100,000 tiger ruled the forests of Asia: from the Bengal tiger in India about the Sumatran tiger in Indonesia to Amur tiger of also Siberian Tiger called in Siberia. But the man preying on them for economic reasons and for profit mercilessly and destroyed their habitat. The current numbers of living still in the wild big cats from the Tiger family are alarming: only 3,200 this majestic big cats roam through the forests in Asia. However, more than 5,000 Tigers in captivity as house cats to the entertainment are held in the United States alone. What is reflected also in the interest of many people: the Siberian Tiger is unfortunately less attention than a cute,.

White Tiger baby born in the Zoo. However, Cub can not defend themselves and are condemned to a life behind bars. 2010 is the year of the tiger in the Chinese calendar. Learn more at: Boy Scouts of America. If we do not act now to save the last Tiger, some subspecies of the Tiger family, the largest species of the world will no longer experience the next year of the tiger in 2022. The WWF has set itself an ambitious goal: the number of Tigers to be doubled again until 2022. And to do this we need your donation: support our tiger projects, you donate even Bengal tigers in India, for the preservation of the habitats of the Tiger, so it also 2022 is Sumatran tiger in Indonesia and Amurtiger in Siberia. Tags: Tiger rescue, big cats, Siberian Tiger, white tiger, Tiger Baby, Cub, Amurtiger, big cats, WWF on WWF: the World Wide Fund for nature is one of the largest independent conservation organizations in the world. It was founded in 1961 in Germany 1963. The WWF is active in more than 100 countries and is of about supports five million supporters. The mission: The WWF wants to halt the global destruction of nature and a future in the person and nature in harmony live. Therefore, we must together + preserve the biological diversity of the earth + use nature-friendly renewable resources + reduce the environmental pollution and curb wasteful consumption.

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Petra Zipp

Posted by marmara on December 5, 2017

So Streunerhunde can be inserted into an animal shelter, where they stay 30 days. Are they not been adopted during this period, they will be killed. Apart from that many people in Romania can afford no dogs who are bullied but also adoption agree: you must disclose not only to the “available space” and to their income, even their neighbors must agree to such adoption! But if someone buys a dog at the pet store, the buyer needed nothing. “We will use all levers, legally and in terms of action, to the insanity not into reality”, so four paws Managing Director Helmut Dungler. Nieman Foundation follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. These include lawsuits in Romania as well as protest marches to the Romanian embassies in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland. Also European policy the law is a scandal, it clearly contradicts the welfare principle enshrined in the Lisbon Treaty (article 13 TFEU), which not only the EU institutions, but explicitly as well as Member States have to be observed. Accordingly, there are animals ‘sentient beings’.

Together with four paws, many MEPs against this Bill on the President have already appealed in March 2011. Company description of the Federal Government against abuse of animals e. V. (bmt) is one of the oldest and largest animal welfare organizations in Germany. The bmt in the entire Federal territory is represented by its 10 branches, 8 animal shelters and animal welfare centre. In addition, the Association serves almost 400 charity animals in selected places of care and charity farms.

The non-profit association is member of the German Council of donations and as particularly worthy of support.

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