Productivity Test Fee

Posted by marmara on May 9, 2015

Remuneration according to productivity utilities (simpre and when taken elementary forecasts in this type of gratification) there is no doubt when things are going perfectly. Employees earn more only if equally do the company and, in that this is achievable financial period, is pandering of an equation that works and the remunieracion acting as a powerful award. However, in an economic context such as the present, things change, because although less ambitious targets are marked, the setbacks to acquire them are greater than usual. Do and now what? So that now the time to verify the doctrine. Before the present economic horizon, it is imperative that you consider critical points of gratification purposes in your company. Been found however with any of these 5 problems? Targets even though they do not correspond to the present circumstance of the company nor to a market that has changed.

Weekends are fixed on excessively closed and quantifiable criteria (sales, etc.), above focused on the short term and which are now more painful purchase. The motivation of the workers with remuneration by objectives, accustomed to receiving premiums in times of prosperity, has plummeted to not receive them now. Premiums depend on the success of the entire organization. Do not motivate the operator – as an individual-, because it believed that its contribution to the final outcome is minimal. Your company has no fluidity to meet the bonus that had been agreed. Has it recognized any of these symptoms in your company? To develop or revise its structure of variable bonus, remember that the end is not providing a more or less fixed wage earners salary increase, but positively discriminate the best, those who bring segurovalor to the organization. In the March issue of labor PractiLetter we diagnose other five potential problems of remuneration by performance in times of crisis and offer the solution to 10 cases.

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